Responsible value chains

Get It Fair is the first Due Diligence scheme providing buyers and consumers with reliable and verified information regarding the social responsibility related risks (human rights, work conditions, health & safety, environment, business ethics) along the supply chains that can result into adverse impacts on the Stakeholder.

01 The Scheme

Get If Fair is a third party Due Diligence scheme attesting the implementation of social responsibility along the supply chains.

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02 Framework

The Get It Fair Framework provides an holistic view of the social responsibility implemented by an organisation and its ability to minimize risks.

GIF index

03 Assessment

The GIF Due Diligence process based on the GIF Frameworks provides all the interested parties with a score representing the risk level of suppliers taking into account all the social responsibility aspects

04 Regulation

The Git Fair Regulation has been published and governs the Due Diligence program, the assessment process, the publication and the terms of GIF logo use.

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