The Application fee is a one-time fee and covers the administrative costs and the pre-engagement activity. It is invoiced upon reception of the application and must be paid before starting the pre-engagement activity.


The Assessment fee is calculated in Mandays calculated as per scheme regulation.

This fee is invoiced upon completion of the Assessment and before publishing the Get It Fair on the WEB site.


This fee covers

  1. Certificate issuance (up to 5 Unit)
  2. Licence fee of GIF Ethical Label (for 3 years)
  3. Company profile publication in the GIF Web Site
  4. The right of using the ethical claim “GIF Responsible Organization
  5. The Publication on the WEB Site

This Fee is calculated per three years.

The payment of this fee is a mandatory requirement for publication in the Get It Fair WEB site.

The organization shall inform ICMQ India when a GIF is to be deregistered and no longer published.