One assessment, three interlinked output

Get It Fair (GIF) is a comprehensive and complete assessment of all aspects of Social Responsibility. It takes into consideration the social responsibility management system together with the exposure to risk that may result into adverse aspects (social, safety, environment, ethics) on the Stakeholders.

Get It Fair enables organizations to demonstrate how well they are performing social responsibility against the GIF Framework.

GIF Assessment process is also an outstanding learning process inspiring the organization to strive for better social responsibility performance and risks’ reduction.

The GIF assessment process is managed by a third party body to ensure independency, reliability and impartiality in the evaluation. At the same time the GIF assessment process is an outstanding learning process inspiring organizations to continuously improve social responsibility performance.

The assessment is conducted by assessors qualified according to stringent criteria.

Who is it for?

The GIF Framework is designed for any organization, regardless of size, sector or location, with the ambition to continuously enhance their performance and showcase their success.

What’s in it for you?

Upon successful completion of the assessment process the organization receives a set of interdependent output:

  •  Final Inspection Report (Confidential)
  •  Non Financial Report in compliance with Directive 2014/95/EU (Publicly Available)
  •  Ethical Label in compliance with ISO 17033 (Publicly Availble)
  •  Get It Fair certificate attesting the Due Diligence positive completion
  •  Get It Fair risk profile specifiying the risk exposure level for each aspect

Get If Fair Certificate

Risk Profile Attestation


  1. The Assessment report to discover the real strengths and the improvement areas to reduce risks in each social responsibility aspect;
  2. The certificate attesting the achievement of the minimum score required for certification and the risk profile for each responsibility aspect;
  3. A third party Non Financial report
  4. The right of using the “Get It Fair” logo in the marketing material of the factory.
  5. The promotion of the Company in the Get It Fair WEB site


  1. The right of using the GIF logo in the products’ labels to provide their customers with reliable information that the product has been manufactured by a GIF certified organization
  2. The Non Financial Report supporting its own Non Financial Declaration
  3. The access to an open platform allowing consumers to verify whether the manufacturer has been GIF certified