Continuous monitoring and improvement is a core value of the GIF certification programme.

Stakeholders expect Factories to maintain and improve the working conditions in order to control and reduce risk related to all Social Responsibility aspects.

In order to provide Stakeholders with confidence that a Factory maintains and improves the Social Responsibility performances the certification program requires at least 2 surveillance assessments per year according to the following principles:

  • 1 planned surveillance
  • 1 short notice surveillance (notice three (3) working days before the assessment)

The Surveillance Assessment shall be conducted within every six month period.

Surveillance shall normally conducted within the defined period and a delay of maximum one month beyond the due date shall only be allowed in exceptional circumstances.

Any further failure to conduct surveillance shall result in suspension of the certificate.


Upon completion of five surveillance assessment within the three (3) years certification cycle a new certification cycle begins with a renewal assessment.

The recertification decision must take place before the end of the validity of the certificate.

This date shall be the issue date of the certificate. The existing certificate is superseded on this date.