GIF Accredited Professionals

The Get It Fair Framework is quickly becoming globally recognized as a highly credible approach to Responsible Organization.

The GIF AP designation is an increasingly important credential for any professional involved in social responsibility. It identifies professionals equipped with the knowledge to apply the ground-breaking social responsibility and GIF concepts to their daily work.

Gif AP are skilled and trained expert qualified according to stringent competence criteria. They bring a wide range of knowledge and experience in the field of Social Responsibility. They are connected to an international community sharing information to conduct effective assessments

Accreditation Process

GIF AP candidates are required to complete the official GIF AP training course and pass a comprehensive written exam. The GIF AP training is offered as an online course or an in-person workshop. Completion of the course is a prerequisite for taking the exam.

The GIF AP training is designed to educate candidates on Get It Fair. After completing the training candidates will understand how Get It Fair works, how it can improve the social responsibility of organizations, and be able to successfully apply it to assess Responsible Organizations.

Course Content

  • International policies, guidelines and standards
  • Introduction to Get It Fair
  • Governance & management system
  • Social
  • Health & Safety
  • Environment
  • Business Ethics
  • Assessing matariality and ESG Risks
  • Non-Financial Reporting

  • Online
  • Advanced registration is required
  • 75 multiple choice questions
  • Open book using the GIF  Assessor Manual
  • Reference training materials provided
  • A 75% passing grade is required
  • Exam outcome is Pass or Fail
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