The scope of the Assessment is to verify and collect evidences regarding the effective implementation of the Social Responsibility management system and the exposure level to the ESG risks against the GIF Framework.

The Assessment conduction is supported by  i-Audit app which enables the Assessor to lead the process according to a standardized approach and to record evidences and findings.

The Assessors collect evidence on the Organization’s by:

  • Verifying documentation
  • Visiting and analysing the production facilities and units
  • Taking pictures
  • Conducting interviews (management, worker, etc.)

The findings are drafted per each element and area and are supported by evidences and findings gathered during the Assessment.

The site visit is the moment where the Organization provides assessors with tangible evidence related to the Social Responsibility management system and the risk level regarding every aspect.


A Reviewer Team checks the Final Assessment Report prepared by the Lead Assessor and verifies whether all the relevant aspects are duly verified and supported with clear evidences and statements.

Once reviewed the Final Assessment Report becomes the supporting document for the Non Financial Report and the Ethical Label.

A decision is taken by ICMQ India, upon positive assessment completion and evaluation of the assessment report.