No programme, no validated claim

Validated claim

A Validated Claim is a “statement, symbol or graphics that declares one or more ethical aspect of a product, process, service or organization” (ISO 17033) Every Organization can declare a claim, nevertheless only a programme allows to grant a “validated claim”. In short, validation is a process to evaluate the reasonabless of the assumptions, limitations and methods that support a claim about the outcome of future activities.


This Mark identifies GIF Responsible Organizationsvalidated claim within the GIF ESG Rating scheme (the Programme) according to ISO 17033.

In conclusion, only organizations that have an acceptable level of exposure to ESG risks at the end of the Due Diligence process with respect to the GIF Programma may receive the validated claim.

Why it is important

The overall aim of a validation is to give confidence to all parties that a validated claims fulfills the specified requirements. In truth, the value of validation depends on the impartial evaluation by a competent validation body.

Presently an increasing number of stakeholder is demaning reliable and credible information on the ethical characteristics of an organization. For instance they include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • customers and consumers
  • buyers
  • banks, assurance, finance
  • Public Bodies
  • Regulatory Authorities
  • Local communities
  • Employees and workers

“GIF Responsible Organization” validated claim undoubtely provides organizations with an important competitive tool. It allows organization to significantly distinguish themselves from others on the basis of their ethical characteristics.

How it works

Organizations can concurrently use “GIF Responsible Organization” validated claim and logo in the following ways:

  • corporate communication (press release, advertorial, etc.)
  • corporate WEB site, brochures, etc.
  • marketing communication at the point of sale
  • on the main body of the product or the packaging
  • instruction manuals, catalogues, product literature, technical bulletins
  • advertising, publicity, media marketing displayed at the point of sale, or placed on the WEB site
  • product description in e-commerce WEB sites and portals

Obviously Organizations shall use the “GIF Responsible Organization”, claim, logo and ethical label in compliance with the Rules for the validated claim use.