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Project Management is simply the most effective ways to get things done in a multiple priority, speed to market environment. Managers who understand how to use the approaches and tools of project management are taking the leadership in the constant drive toward operating improvement.

This course refers to ISO 21500 “Guidance for Project Management” and is designed for those who wish to gain an introductory insight into the essence of Project Management.

It provides participants with an overview on the project management framework, approaches, tools and methods to effectively plan, staff, schedule and manage any size project from start to finish by getting projects completed on time, within budget, and by delivering expected results.

Competencies are applicable to any organization irrespective of sector and size.

Who should attend

Entrepreneurs, senior managers, project sponsors, project managers, construction managers, planners, consultants.

What I will get out of it?

This course is ideal if you want to:

  • Give appropriate support and guidance to your project managers and project teams;
  • Gain wide and complete overview of effective project management
  • Have a common basis upon which to compare your project standards and practices
  • Understand the key project processes, approaches and tools that are important for the performance of your projects


  • Why Project Management is crucial
  • What is Project Management: terms and definitions
  • Benefits of effective Project Management
  • ISO 21500: international guidance for Project Management
  • Project Environment (Boundaries, portfolio, etc.)
  • Project Governance
  • Projects and operations
  • Stakeholders
  • Competencies of project personnel
  • Project life cycle and constraints
  • Project management processes
  • Initiating (Project Charter, stakeholders identification, organization, KPIs)
  • Planning (Activities, Time, Resources, etc.)
  • Implementing
  • Monitoring and closing
  • Certification schemes for Project Management

Course agenda

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Tutorials, Presentations, Interactive Sessions, Feedback & Evaluation.

Training Material

All participants will be given a copy of the power point presentations of this course.

Assumed prior knowledge


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