Final Assessment Report

The Final Assessment Report is the most important deliverable for the organization. It contains the evidence gathered during the Assessment as well as the strengths and areas for improvement of the organization on all ESG aspects and provides Leaders, Management and Employees with input for thinking over further risks’ reduction.

The Final Assessment Report is delivered to the Organization for internal purposes and is strictly confidential.


The Final Assessment Report consists of the following:

  • executive summary
  • materiality matrix validation
  • significant strengths and weaknesses per Area
  • evidences gathered during the site assessment
  • overall score and its breakdown per criterion and area
  • recommendations for decision


Benefits for Leaders:

  • Help plan and and control the ESG risk strategy
  • Understand what is important to do as a leader
  • Develop a culture where social responsibility is the norm

Benefits for Management:

  • See the link between strategy and operations
  • Engage employees in treating the ESG risks
  • Lead improvements and ESG risk reduction

Benefits for Employees:

  • Provide employees with input to build a common direction for ESG risks
  • Create awareness of the impact of their action on the Stakeholders
  • Contribute to progress and competitiveness
Final Assessment report

The Final Assessment Report is the supporting information for preparing and granting the following outputs: