GIF Trade Fair

10 reasons why you should be in GIF Trade Fair.

Publishing a Responsible Organizations in GIF Trade Fair gives you the opportunity to improve your business while demonstrating your Company’s commitment to social responsibility.

Here you may find 10 reasons why you should complete the Due Diligence programme and publish the recognition under the GIF Trade Fair.

1)      Gain competitive advantage

Publishing a GIF Recognition in the Trade Fair produces certified proof of the Responsible Organization validated claim to provide buyers, investors, customers with the possibility of verifying whether the claim is valid.

2)      Increase credibility to financial institution

GIF Trade Fair makes publicly available the Non-Financial Report of assessed organizations to increase credibility and transparency of information regarding the ESG risks.

3)      Become a recognized leader

Be recognized as Responsible Organizations in front of your Stakeholders: suggest your clients, customers, suppliers and other partners to verify your ethical claim.

4)      Implement a Responsible marketing strategy

Communicate your GIF Responsible Organization Rating to stakeholders and talk about your GIF recognitions in your marketing campaigns.

5)      Improve your supply chain management

The data provided by your GIF recognitions gives you a better understanding of your supply chain, including environmental risks and opportunities. Identify impacts and engage with your upstream suppliers around how they can help.

6)      Gain international trust

The GIF ESG Rating scheme refers to Internationally recognized guidelines (OECD) and standards (ISO 26000) to demonstrate your social responsibility performances worldwide.

7)      Benchmark your product

Thanks to GIF, you can compare your exposure level to Non-financial risks with competitors.

8)      Gain a robust digital campaign

GIF ESG Rating scheme promotes the assessed organizations worldwide throughout the Ambassadors’ network and supported by a systematic digital campaign in social media (Linkedin, Youtube, Facebook).

9)      Show your products in the Pavillon

The Pavillon is a unique 3D Trade fair in which you can permanently promote your company profile and products and demonstrate your position in the Stay Woke community.

10)   Customization

Both the Catalogue and the Pavillon help you customize your visibility and associate your brand to the Responsible Organization community Stay Woke.

Publication (upon request)

Get It Fair makes publicly available the company profile and the key info of the assessed organizations including logo and picture.

Pavillon (upon request)

Get It Fair provides Responsible Organizations with the opportunity of exhibiting in the GIF Pavillon: a world-class virtual trade fair on Social Responsibility.

Responsible Organization can

  • choose a customized stall and present their brand and products
  • invite customers, investors, partners, sponsors, speakers to a unique experience
  • organize career fair, fan convention or virtual exhibition with your very own branding
  • meet GIF AP and experts.

Don’t worry about square-feet, logistics or security, it’s all virtual, real-time and enhanced by a unique 3D experience

You can choose among four standard solutions and you can also customize the stall according to your needs.

The GIF Pavilllon will be promoted worldwide to boost your brand image and products 365 x year.