Programme Operator

The Programme Operator sets the rules consistently guiding the overall administration and operation of the GIF ESG Rating Scheme.
It must be remembered that the ESG Rating Scheme is voluntary. Therefore the Programme Operator provides Stakeholders with confidence of transparency, impartiality and integrity of the Due Diligence and reporting process.
The GIF Programme Operator is a not for profit organization fully independent by the Validation Bodies across the world and the GIF APs qualified to conduct the Due Diligence.
Furthermore the Programme Operator is actively committed to promote the GIF ESG Rating Scheme and the “GIF Responsible Organizations”.
Programme Operator
To this end the Programme Operator has the following duties:
  1. Preparing, maintaining and communicating the general programme instructions
  2. Publishing the names of the Stakeholders involved in the programme development
  3. Managing, publishing and periodically reviewing the GIF Framework
  4. Establishing, implementing and reviewing procedures and documents related to the validation process
  5. Setting criteria and rules for qualifying independent validation bodies and managing their qualification
  6. Ensuring the qualification of independent validation bodies in accordance with transparent rules
  7. Setting rules and criteria for qualifying GIF AP professionals and making publicly available the related register
  8. Establishing rules for granting the right to use the GIF Responsible Organization logo and label.
  9. Monitoring the entire system
  10. Making publicly available and promoting the organizations achieving the “GIF Responsible Organization” validated claim
Given this points only qualified validation bodies can perform the Due Diligence to validate the GIF Responsible Organization claim. In particular only qualified GIF AP can conduct the GIF Due Diligence according to the GIF Framework on behalf of a Validation Body. The Programme Operator continuously implements, monitors, reviews and promote the scheme according to the general regulation.

Rules and policies

The Rules & Policies set out transparent procedures for managing the GIF ESG Rating scheme. In other words, these rules and policies enable Organization to provide Stakeholders with credible and reliable information regarding the Non-financial risks related to social, safety, environment and business ethics.

The Get It Fair ESG Rating scheme Regulation is developed in accordance with ISO 17029 and ISO 17033.

Terms of use of “GIF Responsible Organization”claim, mark and logo

An Ethical claim is a statement, symbol or graphic that declares one or more ethical aspect of a product, process, service, or organization. Ethical aspects can include a broad range of social, economic justice and sustainability issues, e.g. local sourcing, fair trade, human treatment of animals. (ISO 17033).

“GIF Responsible Organization” is a validated claim issued in compliance with ISO 17033 requirements and ISO 17029 validation process.

Rules & Policies

This mark is assigned upon positive completion of the Due Diligence process. After that, it can be used for marketing and communication purposes strictly in association with the mark of the assessed Organization according to the “Terms of use of “GIF Responsible Organization” claim, mark and label”.




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