Programme features

The overall scope of the Get It Fair (GIF) ESG Rating Scheme is to evaluate the exposure level to actual or potential risks that may result into future adverse impacts on the organization and its Stakeholders in order to grant the “GIF Responsible Organization” validated claim.

In other words the programme scope is focused on the ESG risks (Governance, Social, Safety, Environmental, Social and Business Ethics) of an Organization.

Hence, the scope is to provide buyers, investors, customers, consumers, and other Stakeholders with reliable and credible information on the ESG risks.


The GIF ESG Rating scheme generally applies to all kinds of organization regardless of sector, size, and location.

More specifically the main features of the programme are:

  • Voluntary
  • Focused on organization ethical characteristics
  • Compliance with international standard (ISO 17033 and ISO 17029)
  • Aligned with internationally recognized documents
  • Comprehensive of all the social responsibility aspects
  • Due Diligence based including both documentation review and site visit
  • Orientation towards future risks and impacts
  • Scoring based metric (Quantitative)
  • Ability to meet the information needs of various stakeholders
  • Inclusive of periodical verifications

Above all, the third party assessment and ethical claim validation ensure transparency, impartiality and confidentiality.


The Programme is based on the non-prescriptive GIF Framework to support the oganizations’ improvement objectives as well as the GIF Due Diligence process. The Framework consists of the following interdependent components:

  • Seven principles
  • GIF Criteria
  • GIF Metric

The GIF Framework refers to international guidelines (OECD) and standards (e.g. ISO 26000), has been developed by engaging several stakeholders and has been validated by an independent team of academics, lawyers, and experts.

GIF Criteria

The GIF Criteria take into consideration five criteria:

  • Governance and management system (one criterion)
  • Social, safety, environment, and business ethics (four criteria)
GIF Criteria

GIF Due Diligence

For the purpose of this programme one GIF Due Diligence allows to evaluate the exposure level to all actual and potential ESG risks. In other words the Due Diligence process aims to evaluate all social, safety, environment, ethics risks that may result into adverse aspects on the Stakeholders.

The Due Diligence takes into consideration the ethical characteristics of an organization and its relationships with the supply chain.

The GIF Due Diligence is also an outstanding learning process able to inspire organizations to strive for better social responsibility performance.

Due Diligence

It is important to realize that a Third Party Validation Body manages the GIF Due Diligence process according to ISO 17029. That is to ensure independency, reliability, and impartiality in the evaluation and recognized validation of GIF Responsible Organization claim.

An app supports the Assessors during the Due Diligence to ensure standardization and risks of subjective judgement minimization.

Only GIF AP (Accredited Professionals) previously trained and qualified y the Programme Operator according to stringent criteria can conduct the Due Diligence.

The quantitative metrics specifically allows to determine the exposure level to ESG risks.

The Organization positively passes the Due Diligence on condition of achieving a minimum score according to the GIF Framework Criteria. This particularly consists of a combination of a minimum overall score and a minimum score in each “core area”.

Multiple outputs

GIF Validated Ethical Claim

(The most important output according to ISO 17033)

Validated Claim

GIF Certificate

(Together with the risk profile)

GIF Certificate

Final Assessment Report

(Of course strictly confidential and supporting other programme outputs)

Final Assessment report

Non-Financial Report

(With attention to ESG risks in compliance with Directive 2014/95/EU)

Non-Financial report

Ethical Label

(For marketing and sales purpose in compliance with ISO 17033)

Ethical Label

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