Useful tools, check-list and forms to support social responsibility improvements

Get It Fair Framework

Download here the Get It Fair Framework.

Self Assessment Tool

The self-assessment GIF performance tool for companies aims at measuring the performance of individual companies, small and large. It may be a mechanism for companies to measure and compare their own performance over time and against the GIF Framework. Companies should tailor their approach to verification to suit the corporate culture, the context and objectives and content of their CSR strategy and commitments.

By understanding your current status, you can better focus your improvement action , enhance your awareness and knowledge on the Get It Fair Framework, and confidently undertake your role in the social responsibility.

Materiality Assessment

The materiality means analysing which issues are the most important of being addressed by organizations. After identifying Non Finncial issues thought to be directly relevant to an organization’s value chain, these issues are analysed using two different perspectives:

  1. the Internal Perspective: what is the potential of each issue to positively/negatively impact organizational growth, cost or trust and
  2. the External Perspective: how important is each issue for the Stakeholder

The ultimate results is a visual rapresentation (Materiality Matrix) of which issues should be prioritized according to their importance to the organization’s success and Stakeholder expectations (that can directly affect the first).

The Materiality Assessment is a fundamental part of the Due Diligence programme. Here you can find a guideline to conduct a Materiality Assessment.