Associazione Blockchain Italia

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Associazione Italiana Blockchain aims to the following objectives:

  • to stimulate a serious and in-depth debate on blockchain and DLT promoting a multidisciplinary approach;
  • to create a network of professionals, academics and business to support the development of an open and dynamic blockchain-based ecosystem;
  • to undertake research programs firmly believing in an open innovation model;
  • to make protocols and technologies underlying blockchain and DLTs solution known, as well as their social and economic implications;
  • to propose strategic development plans and design practical application of DLTs solutions;
  • to contribute to institutions and industries awareness about the potential of DLT and bring citizens closer to distributed and sustainable models;
  • to promote the adoption of operational and access standards.

Our main activities and initiatives

  • Conduct sectoral and interdisciplinary research through the creation of Thematic Work Tables;
  • Publish scientific and informative papers resulting from the collaboration of the Associates;
  • Debate frequently among Associates on dedicated on line forum, vis-à- vis and via videoconferencing;
  • Set up conferences also in participation with third parties for a public, inclusive and dynamic debate.
  • Make webinars on specialist topics reserved to Associates
  • Participate in public consultations on legislative reform or innovation projects.