What is in Get It Fair for you

Consumers are supported towards Responsible Consumption by getting, at the point of sale, more reliable and verified information on:

  • the ethical characteristics of the factory where the products is realized and its supply chain
  • the traceability of the product

Buyers are provided with a holistic tool to implement Responsible Sourcing strategies by;

  • selecting suppliers on the basis of “GIF Responsible Organization” verified claim
  • been supported fo the use of Ethical Label (in compliance with ISO 17033) to attract customers and consumers
  • improving the brand image and the product appeal
  • reducing the exposure to adverse impacts related to the ESG risks down the supply chain
  • increasing the reliability of the Non-Financial Statement (according to the Directive 2014/95/EU)
  • facilitating benchmarking strategies among suppliers
  • supporting the implementation of blockchain platforms
  • improving the credibility in front of the financial community

Manufacturers gain a support to establish and implement a Social Responsibility strategy to:

  • Improve competitiveness
  • Reduce exposure to ESG risks
  • Foster customers’ trust
  • Increase opportunity of exporting
  • Improve brand image and reputation in front of the financial community
  • Attract and retaining workers or member, customers, clients or users
  • Enhance employee satisfaction and therefore commitment and productivity
  • Reduce costs and resource efficiency
  • Strengthen relationships with local society, media and suppliers

Investors are provided with a third party Due Diligence on ESG risks a support to implement Responsible Investment strategies by:

  • getting risk oriented and verified Non-Financial statements of organization and their supply chains
  • integrating the traditional financial analysis with a set of Non-financial information based on the materiality assessment
  • providing subscribers with reliable and credible information on the proposed investment
  • complying with regulation regarding the disclosure of non-financial risk