ESG Rating scheme for Responsible Organizations

Get It Fair is an ESG rating scheme focused on the social, environmental and governance risks, based on a third party Due Diligence and supporting the issuance of a fully integrated set of recognitions, reports and marketing tools:

  • GIF Responsible Organization” validated ethical claim
  • Final Assessment report
  • Non-Financial report” (according to Directive 2014/95)
  • GIF Ethical Label” (according to ISO 17033)
  • Publication” in the GIF Responsible Trade Fair

The GIF scheme applies to all kinds of organization regardless of sector, size and location.

The GIF scheme aims to:

  • evaluate the ESG risks (governance and management system, human rights, work conditions, health & safety, environment, business ethics) of organizations and their supply chains
  • recognize and promote “GIF Responsible Organizations


01 The Scheme

getitfair logoGet If Fair is the first third party Non-Financial Due Diligence scheme transforming information on the ESG risks down the supply chains into communication for conscious investors, customers and other stakeholders

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02 The GIF Framework

The Get It Fair Framework, referred to OECD Guidances and ISO 26000 standard, provides an holistic view of the social responsibility management system implemented by an organisation and its ability to minimize ESG risks.

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03 Due Diligence

The GIF scheme, based on an assessment referring to the GIF Frameworks, provides the interested parties with a score representing the risk exposure level of adverse impacts related to social responsibility aspects. The Assessmept provide organizations with a set of interdependent output.

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04 Ethical Label

Get It Fair provides organizations with the possibility of using an Ethical Label associated to all realized products in compliance with ISO 17033 standard.

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