GIF Fam (Family) brings together all Italian and international Partners.

The overall purposes of the scheme are:

  1. to communicate that an organization achieves and improves good practices with respect to Governance, Social, Safety, Environment risks
  2. to meet the emerging needs of credible and reliable infomation from variety of Stakeholders.

Therefore, a range of Stakeholders and partners collaborate to develop the GIF Framework. In addition, they promote the scheme worldwide, including in developing countries.

GIF FAM member

The GIF FAM includes local, national and international organizations like Public Bodies, associations, academies, media, NGOs and others.

They share the Get It Fair vision and Manifesto. They choose to collaborate for achieving joint goals and long term mutual benefit. In other words, they collaborate to make the programme more responsible and inclusive. On the other hand, Get It Fair comes to complement the role of each stakeholder. It acts like an organization but thinks like a movement.

This multi-stakeholder approach aims to increase acceptance and credibility of the scheme among all interested parties. In addition, it leads to improve the quality of the underlying evidence that support the “GIF Responsible Organization” validated claim.

Every FAM Member belongs to one of the following categories: