The Governance system of the “Get It Fair – GIF ESG Rating and reporting assurance” scheme has been designed and implemented to prevent the exposure to risks of conflicts of interest and to ensure high indepencence of each party involved in its management.

The scheme owner, intended as “Organization(s) responsible for developing and maintaining a CAS – Conformity Assessment Scheme” (IAF MD25) is the legal entity:

  • Holonic Network
  • Via Washington 96
  • 20146 Milan (Italy).

A technical committee has been directly involved in setting the rules and procedures that describe the object of conformity assessment, identifies the specified requirements and provides the methodology for performing conformity assessment (as required by ISO 17000).

A Stakeholder Committee has been incorporated by engaging a wide range of interested parties including Institutions, Associations, Universities, Academies, Consultants, NGO, media and others.

A Validation Team consisting of a group of academics and experts in the field of social responsibility and ESG risks has validated the scheme (criteria, evaluation process, metrics, etc.).

In 2021 the scheme has been submitted to Accredia (italian accreditation body signatory of a EA/IAF MLA agreement and IAF Member) and evaluated for accreditation purposes in accordance with ISO/IEC 17029 and the procedure specified in the document Accredia PG-13-01.

A MOU between the scheme owner and Accredia has been signed. Accredia has the duty of providing the market and the interested parties with confidence of:

  • Accreditation of CABs (Conformity Assessment Bodies) against the standard ISO/IEC 17029 and the Get It Fair programme
  • Monitoring the CABs’ activity

In 2023 the Scheme Owner signed a MOU with an independent and non profit organization, Diligentia ETS, and assigned to this association the duties of:

  • promoting the scheme and support its partners
  • approving accredited Validation Bodies (and making publicly available the updated list)
  • training professional to become GIF APs (Accredited Professional) Assessors and Technical Experts
  • making publicly available the updated list of certified GIF AP
  • promoting the list of GIF Responsible Organizations worldwide

GIF APs are professional meeting specific criteria, completing a training programme and certified by third party body accredited against ISO/IEC 17024 and the GIF AP Credentialing system.

Only GIF AP Assessors and GIF AP TE (Technical Experts) can be appointed by a Validation Body to conduct the Due Diligence activity.

Only Approved Validation Bodies by Diligentia ETS are authorized to plan and conduct the validation process within the programme. A CAB is autonomous and liable for the decision of granting the GIF Responsible Organization validated claim.

In 2024, to strenghten the independence of each party, the scheme has been licensed to adopt the IESBA Code of Ethics.