What is a GIF AP

GIF AP is an active members of the GIF FAM. This credential denotes proficiency in today’s social responsibility and risk assessment for sustainable development standards. There is an increasing demand for any professional involved in the fields of social responsibility, ESG and sustainability reporting.

Firstly, the GIF ESG Rating scheme requires at least a GIF AP to support the Organization in conducting the materiality and self-assessment. Secondly, every Validation Body needs to have at least one accredited professional to conduct assessments and review final assessment reports. Moreover there is an increasing demand of recognized experts in the fields of CSR and ESG risks management and evaluation in organizations, buyers, investors and other financial institutions.

GIF AP Accredited Professional

Credentialing Process

The Programme Operator manages the GIF AP credentialing process.

Candidates to achieve this credential need to complete the official training course and pass a comprehensive written exam. The Programme Operator offers training as an online course or an in-person workshop. Completion of the course is a prerequisite for taking the exam.

Particularly the training allows participants to know in detail the GIF ESG Rating scheme and how it works.

Secondly participants of this training course gain a deep knowledge on how to assess the ESG Risks. To conclude participants learn how to use the GIF Framework for establishing, implementing and improve a Social Responsibility management system.

Validate your ESG and SR knowledge

Social responsibility jobs are in demand. For this reason passing a GIF AP exam sets you a part from the pack by validating your field expertise.

Increase your ESG risks knowledge. Without a doubt studying for the exam provides candidates with fundamental knowledge in the fields of social responsibility and ESG risk assessment.

Join a global network of sustainability professionals and advocates. Social responsibility is global. Therefore, when you earn this credential, you join an international community of professionals committed to better managing and assessing responsible organizations.

Become a GIF Assessor. Only GIF AP can be appointed to conduct Due Diligence within the GIF ESG Rating Scheme.

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