The initial stage of the Due Diligence process according to ISO 17029 consists of the Application.

The overall purpose of this phase is to clarify and agree on the scope and objectives of the validation. Further, the Applicant provides the Validation Body with all information needed to calculate the assessment mandays and prepare an offer.

For this reason the Applicant shall fill and submit to the Validation Body the application form specifying:

  1. name and address of the registered office
  2. information regarding the Unit/s applied for assessment
  3. activities carried out by Organization and the Unit/s
  4. location of each Unit (belonging to the Organization)
  5. acknowledgement the Stay Woke Manifesto
Application 1200

The Validation Body shall send a set of documents to assure confidentiality, integrity and no conflict of interests.

In addition, the applicant shall sign and send an Undertaking Letter. It is important to realize that this letter is an acknowledgement of the GIF programme rules. Above all, this letter consists of a declaration securing that there is not any judicial and/or insolvency proceedings against the Applicant including voluntary or compulsory winding up.

Together with this set of documents the Organization receives an Applicant Guidance providing information on the Due Diligence process.

The Validation Body shall review the documents and send to the Applicant a communication to confirm its acceptance.

Download: Application form