The most important feature of the ESG Get It Fair rating scheme is “Single Due Diligence multiple recognitions“.

In other words, the GIF Framework covers all the ESG risks. The Due Diligence process refers to the GIF Framework and results into an integrated range of multiple recognitions to meet multiple Stakeholders needs.

Single Due Diligence, multiple recognitions

1) “GIF Responsible Organization” validated claim

“GIF Responsible Organization” validated claim (according to ISO 17033) is the most important output of the Programme.

This claim focuses on the ethical characteristics of an organization with respect to the following aspects: governance and management system, social, safety, environmental and business ethics.

The validated claim communicates to all the interested parties that the organization has an acceptable exposure level to ESG risks. It also provides Stakeholders with confidence that the Assessed Organization is continuously committed to improve the exposure level to these risks. Similarly, the Organization extends responsible practices to its supply chains.

A “GIF Responsible Organization” gains the right of using the ethical claim in marketing and sales materials to attract responsible customers and consumers.

GIF Responsible Organization

2) GIF Certificate

3) Final Assessment Report

The Final Assessment Report is a document full of information and details on the assessed organization. Therefore, it is strictly confidential.

Firstly, it provides Management with evidence and findings collected during the Assessment with respect to the Get It Fair Framework.

In addition, it supports the calculation of the overall score representing the exposure level of the organization to ESG risks.

Further, the Final Assessment Report enables the assessed organization to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for risk reduction.

Final Assessment Report

4) Non Financial Report

The GIF ESG Rating scheme offers the possibility of delivering a Non-Financial Report to the assessed organization. This report is a powerful tool to meet the increasing needs of reliable and credible information regarding the exposure to ESG risks.

The Programme Operator prepares and provides (upon request) to the Organization the following services:

  1. GIF Non-Financial information report in compliance with Directive 2014/95/EU
  2. Publication in a dedicated page of the GIF WEB site
  3. External Assurance.

The Final Assessment Report is the supporting document forthe “Non-Financial Report”.

In conclusion, this report is publicly available in the Programme Operator WEB site.  This is to confirm the organization’s commitment for social responsibility and sustainable development.

An Organization can use the Non-financial Report to meet the information needs of banks, insurance, finance as well as the customers.

Non-Financial report

The Directive 2014/95/EU does not oblige organizations to prepare a non-financial statement when a separate report … covering the same content is available.

The same Directive also recommends that “the information in the Non-Financial Statement …. must be verified by an independent assurance service provider”.

The GIF Non-Financial Report provides organizations with an independent assurance to support any interested party in preparing their own Non-Financial statement.

5) Ethical Label

The GIF Ethical Label (in compliance with ISO 17033) identifies products at the point of sale.

As a consequence, the GIF Ethical Label allow consumers to:

  1. purchase in informed manner
  2. verify whether the product has been realized by a “GIF Responsible Organization”
  3. check how many phases of the product cycle are covered by a Due Diligence according to the GIF Framework
Ethical Label - Side A
Ethical Label - Side B

6) Publication

Get It Fair publish the company profile of “GIF Responsible Organizations” in the WEB site to:

  1. make publicly available the assessed organization profile
  2. allow stakeholders to verify whether the Organization has been assessed within the GIF ESG Rating scheme.

7) Pavillon

GIF Responsible Organizations gain the opportunity of having a booth in the GIF Pavillon: a world-class virtual trade fair on Social Responsibility accessible from anywhere at any time enhanced by a unique 3D experience

To clarify an Organization can (upon demand):

  • choose a stall and present their brand and products within a range of standard solutions
  • customize the stall according to specific needs
  • invite customers, suppliers, investors, partners, sponsors, speakers to a unique experience
  • organize career fair, convention or virtual exhibition with their own branding
  • meet GIF AP and other experts in social responsibility and sustainable development

In other words, the GIF Pavilllon will offer to exhibitors, visitors and other guest the possibility of meeting, sharing experience and access to a wide range of services.

In addition, the Pavillon is promoted worldwide to boost the brand image and products of GIF Responsible Organizations and the Stay Woke community.

8) Free access to the Stay Woke community

GIF Responsible Organizations gain free access to all services provided by the Stay Woke community for the entire validity period of the GIF ESG Rating scheme. For instance, Stay Woke make available guidelines, self-assessment tools, training courses and other resources.

In conclusion, “one Due Diligence multiple recognitions” offers huge opportunitis to optimize costs, time and return on the investment.