Organizations that successfully complete the Due Diligence against the GIF Framework gain the right to receive an integrated set of awards designed to meet specific needs of the organization and its Stakeholders.

“GIF Responsible Organization” mark

The “GIF Responsible Organization” mark is a powerful corporate image tool distinguishing companies (and units) for their commitment and achievements in social responsibility and, in particular, their level of exposure to ESG risks.

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Validation attestate

This recognition is a the communication tool awarded to organizations that pass the Due Diligence process against the GIF Framework to demonstrate their hard work to manage the level of exposure to ESG risks.

The validation attestate is awarded by an Approved Validation Body within the GIF program.

Final Assessment Report

The Final Assessment Report is the fundamental communication method for conveying the Due Diligence results to the assessed organization/unit.

It presents the findings, conclusions, and recommendations from the Assessment Team and also includes a report summary providing the top management with the key issues and better support decision making.

This report is strictly confidential and is delivered to the assessed organization.

It is designed to enable the management to:

  1. Build awareness on the strenghts points and areas for improvement
  2. Demonstrate results and be accountable
  3. Support internal audits and management review
  4. Facilitate growth and improvement
  5. Provide verifiable technical information that substantiate the ethical claim and label

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Ethical Label (in compliance with ISO 17033)

The greater the number of “GIF Responsible Organizations” involved in the production of a product, the more the product attracts responsible customers and creates supply chain value.

This is the inspiring principle of the GIF ethical label designed in compliance with ISO/TS 17033 to increase the competitiveness of responsible supply chains by making available the following information at the point of sale:

  • Which phase of the product life cycle is covered by at least one “GIF Responsible Organization”
  • How many “GIF Responsible Organizations” are involved in the production of a product batch in the supply chain and interlinked by the same traceability system.

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Non-Financial Report

The Non-Financial Report is an additional outcome designed to meet the emerging needs of reliable information regarding the non financial issues and the ESG risks emerging from financial stakeholders  (Regulation EU 2019/2088).

This report is aligned with provisions of the Non Financial Reporting Directive (Directive 2014/95) and the proposal of a new Directive as regards corporate sustainability reporting. The new Directive shall apply to companies with more than 250 employees and is going to introduce the mandatory third party certification of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting granted by accredited bodies according to international standards.

The GIF Non-Financial Report, supported by the Final Assessment Report, is designed to support the Corporate Sustainability Reporting certification with a level of assurance “Reasonable”.

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The Pavillon is the single source of truth to verify:

  1. the organization successfully completed the Due Diligence process
  2. the status of the validation attestation (valid, expired, suspended, withdrawn)
  3. the profile of every assessed company.

The “GIF Responsible Organizations” directory is open to all interested parties (e.g. customers, manufacturers, consumers, investors, other Stakeholders) and is publicly available in a dedicated section of the GIF Programme web site.

Diligentia ETS, GIF programme operator, promotes the directory at international level to boost the organizations’ marketing activity.

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