How the Assessment works

The Due Diligence within the GIF ESG Rating scheme consists of a Site Assessment conducted at the organization’s premises.

This type of phisical audit enables to evaluate the exposure level to actual risks that can result into future adverse impacts. For example, only a site visit allows to estimate the exposure level to fire or hazardous chemicals. Similarly, a site visit allows to inspect the stability of a building, the discharge of polluted water or child labour practices.

Therefore, the Assessment according to the GIF Metric, allows to achieve reasonable confidence of the actual exposure level to ESG risks.

Governance assessment

Governance assessment

To begin with, the Assessment Team conducts the evaluation of the Governance risk. An Assessor with specific knowledge and experience in the field of Corporate Governance conducts this part of the assessment. It aims to verify the Governance system effectiveness in managing and controlling the ESG risks.

The “Corporate Governance Code” issued by Borsa Italiana (Italian Stock Exchange) is the reference document of the criterion. Both the evaluation criteria and the metric take into consideration the size and capital structure of the Organization.

Afterwards, the assessment team can start planning the site visit.

Site visit

In detail, the core part of the Assessment is conducted in the organization’s premises.

To begin with the Assessors verify how the organization engaged Stakeholders to prepare a Materiality Matrix. In other words the materiality assessment validation is the starting point of the assessment at site.

Secondly, the Assessors collect evidence to evaluate the implementation of the Social Responsibility Management System. Above all, they assess the social, safety, environmental and business ethics risks.

In addition, interviews and workers/employer’s records (e.g. appointment letters, payrolls, etc.) complete the site visit.

i-Audit App role

The Due Diligence needs supporting information defined as “available material that support an ethical claim” to grant the recognitions. “Supporting infomation must substantiate the scope, principles, assumptions and boundary conditions …. to allow users, potential users and other interested parties to evaluate claims in terms of relevance and overall validity, and to assess whether a claim is consistent with the applicable standards. (ISO 17033)

Any type of organization (profit or non profit) irrespective of size and sector can apply for the GIF Due Diligence. Organizations can be located in many countries: from Vietnam to China, from India to Bulgaria, from Italy to Brazil. Therefore, the Assessment uniformity and consistency is a prerequisite for comparing results over different organizations across the world.

Assessment: GIF process

To this end an app accessible from everywhere at any time via mobile or tablet supports the Due Diligence.

The overall purpose of the app is to standardize the assessment activity and the reporting preparation.

This app enables Assessors to:

  • Conduct the Assessment according to a standard process.
  • Facilitate the collection of evidence and picture.
  • Minimize the Assessors’ individual judgement variation.
  • Enhance the scoring activity.
  • Monitor and review the entire process.
  • Support the Get It Fair outputs (validated claim, Non-financial report, and ethical label) by the means of documented evidence.

In addition, the app enables Assessors to:

  • Improve the scheduling and planning of every activity.
  • Access to standard forms for each area of the GIF Criteria.
  • Use an on-line guide to clarify the intent and metric of each area.
  • Support and facilitate the scoring activity.
iAudit Form list
iAudit evidence entry form

Standardized Reporting

Most important, the App allows Assessors to gather, directly on the mobile devices, evidence of findings, such as:

  • documents and records
  • situation observation
  • interviews
  • pictures

Subsequently, the App allows to prepare the Final Report according to a standard template.

Similarly the App allows reviewers to open, verify and modify the Final Report.

Further, the GIF Due Diligence process can be easily and fully integrated in blockchain platforms.


A Reviewer verifies the Assessment Report prepared by the Lead Assessor.

Firstly, the reporting review consists of a cross check whether the evidence gathered at site clealy support the statements. Secondly, the reviewers verify the coherence between the statements, the evidences and the score per area.

In addition, the Reviewer may ask Lead Assessor to provide with further clarification and information.

To conclude, the reviewers prepare the Final Assessment report and submit it to the Scheme Committee.


The Validation Body has the liability of taking the final Decision whether granting the GIF Responsible Organization validated claim.

With this result, the Final Assessment Report becomes the supporting document for the Claim Validation, the Non-Financial Report and the Ethical Label.

In conclusion, the GIF Due Diligence process minimizes the risk of deviation among assessments and scoring conducted by different Teams across the world.