How to get reliable and credible information regarding how an organization apply the human rights, protects occupational health and safety,  preserves the environment and implement fair business practices?

One Framework, One integrated Due Diligence, Multiple recognitions“.

This claim synthetizes in few words how Get It Fair “GIF ESG Rating scheme”works to meet the emerging requirements of information regarding the responsible business conducts of organizations and their supply chains.

One Framework

The GIF Framework is a non-prescriptive model enabling organizations to support the implementation and assessment of excellent social responsibility management systems and to reduce the level of exposure to non financial risks. It covers all the relevant ESG risks  (governance, social, safety, environmental and business ethics aspects) and supports the ESG evaluation and rating by accredited third party bodies.

The GIF Framework, developed by engaging several stakeholders and validated by an independent team (academics, lawyers, experts) consists of the following interdependent components:

One integrated validation process

The validation process aims to evaluate the exposure level to actual and potential risks (governance, social, safety, environment, ethics) of events that may result into adverse aspects on the organization and its Stakeholders.

It is focused on the organizations’ ethical aspects and designed in compliance with ISO 17029 standard to evaluate, in a single assessment, all ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) risks.

The validation process is also an outstanding learning process able to inspire organizations to strive for better social responsibility performance.

An app supports the Assessors during the Due Diligence to ensure standardization and risks of subjective judgement minimization.

Multiple recognitions

Organizations positively completing the GIF Due Diligence process may obtain multiple recognitions: