Get It Fair: 1° ESG Rating scheme approved for accreditation purposes

Get It Fair “GIF ESG Rating Scheme” is a Conformity Assessment Scheme positively evaluated by Accredia as suitable for accreditation purposes according to the international standard EA-1/22 A-AB: 2020 (This document applies to National Accreditation Bodies in Europe when evaluating a defined conformity assessment scheme).

Accredia accreditation

Get It Fair is the first scheme in the world, positively assessed for accreditation purposes by Accredia in accordance with the ISO/IEC 17029 standard for two scopes:

  • ESG Rating (and validation of the “GIF Responsible Organization” claim)
  • Sustainability reporting assurance.

Accredia is the sole national accreditation body appointed by the Italian government in compliance with the European Regulation 765/2008, attesting the competence, independence and impartiality of certification, inspection and verification bodies, as well as testing and calibration laboratories. Accredia is a recognized association which operates on a non-profit basis, under the vigilance of the Ministry of Economic Development.

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Get It Fair is explicitly included in the CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria) Construction 

Since 2003, the European Commission has progressively increased its focus on Green Public Procurement (GPP).

In Italy, the Ministry of the Ecologic Transition defines for product categories the “Minimum Environmental Criteria” (CAM), which represent the reference point at national level in the field of green public procurement and which can be used by the contracting stations to maximize the environmental and economic benefits.

In Italy, the Procurement Code (Legislative Decree 50/2016) and the subsequently amendments (Legislative Decree 56/2017), GPP is no longer a voluntary instrument but has become mandatory. In fact, tendering authorities are requested (art. 34) to apply, for the full value of the amount of the tender, the “technical specifications” and “contractual clauses”, contained in the minimum environmental criteria (CAM), “for the award of any amount”.

Environmental criteria can be “mandatory” or “rewarding”. A contract can be considered “sustainable” if it complies with the “mandatory” criteria; however, contracting authorities are invited to include the “rewarding criteria” in a tender.

Get It Fair is considered a rewarding criterion in the CAM Construction: organizations with the ESG rating validation issued by a third party accredited body according to ISO 17029 and a Programme (like Get It Fair) may gain additional score in the bid evaluation.

Get It Fair added to the list of GRESB-approved ESG Assurance Standards

GRESB is an independent organization, trusted by 150 institutional and financial investors as well as 3,000 real estate and infrastructure funds, companies, and asset operators, providing validated ESG performance data and peer benchmarks for investors and managers to improve business intelligence, industry engagement and decision-making.

GRESB collects, validates, scores, and independently benchmarks ESG data to provide business intelligence, engagement tools, and regulatory reporting solutions. The resulting benchmark scores enables investors and managers to evaluate the ESG performance of a given fund.

The acceptance of the Get It Fair scheme within GRESB offers participants to the benchmarking initiative the opportunity to achieve additional points (up to 6) for a number of indicators within the Management and Performance Components of the GRESB Real Estate Assessment as it can be used as an assurance standard for ESG reporting as well as for the external review energy, GHG, water and waste data.

Get It Fair is recognized as an ESG Passport to improve the benchmarking performance of real estate funds and assets.

APQI , Italian Association of Quality Awards) is a strategic partner of the Get It Fair “ESG Rating”. APQI is a national non-profit association that promotes, also in collaboration with Public Authorities and Public and Private Bodies, the competitiveness of the Sistema Italia through the development and dissemination of models, methods, and assessment tools supporting the improvement of public and private organizations.

APQI manages a wide range of national awards (Quality Award, Safety Award, Innovation Award, Quality Award for Public Bodies, etc.) and manages business excellence reference models.

In 2020 APQI started a collaboration with the Get It Fair scheme (Diligentia ETS is now the Programme Operator) which aims to issue the “GIF Responsible Organization” ethical claim in reference to the innovative GIF Framework. This model takes into account all aspects of social responsibility and is oriented to the assessment of the level of exposure to risks of an organization and its supply chains for the benefit of internal and external stakeholders.

APQI has recognized the GIF Framework among the excellence models (click here to know more).