The GIF ESG Rating scheme is designed to meet the organization (and its Stakeholders) needs of credible and verified information regarding the social responsibility and the ESG risks within its operations and supply chain.



Firstly, the GIF ESG Rating scheme enables to differentiate organizations by means of:

  • GIF Responsible Organization” to improve the company’s brand image and reputation.
  • Due Diligence” to identify improvement areas with regards to the ESG performances.
  • GIF Ethical Label” to attract responsible consumers
  • GIF Non-Financial report” to strengthen the fund raising and increase visibility for investors and banks.
  • Publication” to support the worldwide promotion of the organization and its products

Bank, insurance and financial

Secondly, the “GIF Non-Financial Report” enables organizations to attract equity or debts financing by providing banks, insurance and financial institutions implementing responsible investment strategies with:

  • forward looking ESG risks information
  • verified materiality
  • assured non-financial report
  • compliance with regulations (e.g. Directive 2014/95/EU)
  • scoring oriented rating
Bank, insurance and finance
Buyers and brands

Buyers and brands

Further, the “GIF Responsible Organization” validated claim and label from suppliers enable buyers to implement responsible sourcing practices by:

  • mitigating risks due to non-financial issues (brand protection, supply chain disruptions, fines and litigations)
  • reducing costs (vendor rationalization, reduced administration, total cost of ownership)
  • increasing revenues (service differentiation, access to new markets, competitive advantage)
  • extending the product stages covered by an ethical label
  • exceeding compliance with emerging rules


Further, “GIF Responsible Organization” claim and “GIF Ethical Label” enable to provide customers and consumers preferring responsible consumption by:

  • selecting brands and product from classic competition (product, quality, superior service, and price)
  • improving brand reputation and image
  • getting validated claim at the point of sale
  • increasing transparency and reliability of information
  • reducing marketing costs (social responsibility pays)
  • justifying premium pricing

Workers and their representatives

In addition, the “GIF Responsible Organization” mark provides employees and workers with evidence of the employer commitment towards a safe and suitable working environment, respect of Human Rights and pursuit of fair labour practices

Local community

Get It Fair provides communities with reliable information on the competitive behaviour and fairness of local organizations

Public Bodies and Authorities

Get It Fair facilitate responsible organizations when communicating to Public Bodies and Authorities their contribution to the UN Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Developement Goals

Employers’ organisations

Get It Fair allows employeers’ associations to strengthen the reputation and image of their associated members and better communicate their contribution to sustainable development.