GIF Framework

What is GIF Framework?2020-12-09T19:10:04+01:00

Get it Fair is a voluntary third party ESG Rating Scheme based on a Due Diligence process. The latter aims to assess the risk exposure level of the Customer with regards to all ESG risks and social responsibility aspects.

Is GIF a product certification Scheme?2020-12-09T19:09:12+01:00

No, it isn’t. GIF Programme has nothing to do with the characteristics of a product/service. Therefore it is only focused on the ethical characteristics of organizations.

Is GIF a management system certification Scheme?2020-12-09T18:52:39+01:00

No, GIF is a rating scheme consisting of a quantitative risk evaluation. It takes into consideration social, safety, environmental and business ethics issues as well as governance and management system aspects.

What does “GIF Responsible Organization” mean?2020-12-09T19:05:03+01:00

“GIF Responsible Organization” is a validated claim according to ISO 17033. It identifies an organization that has successfully undergone the due diligence process in accordance to GIF Framework.

“Ethical claim: statement, symbol or graphic that declares one or more ethical aspect of a product, process, service or organization. (ISO 17033)”

Is GIF a duplication of other certification schemes?2020-12-09T20:17:15+01:00

No. The Programme integrates and takes into consideration other certifications. Its focus is different: from compliance to a risk-based approach, evaluating the actual and future risk of impacts on the organization and its stakeholders.

Furthermore, a list of approved certification schemes is taken into consideration in the calculation of the assessment mandays.

Does the “GIF Responsible Organization” claim automatically means compliance with all applicable laws?2020-12-09T20:30:58+01:00

No. It is not a compliance audit with applicable rules and regulations. Nevertheless, it evaluates the risk of non-compliance to applicable laws and regulations.

Which is the scope of the GIF Framework?2020-12-09T20:29:48+01:00
Why the GIF Framework is different?2020-12-09T20:29:25+01:00
Is there any limit in the size of the applying organization?2020-12-09T20:52:52+01:00

No. The GIF Framework is applicable to all companies irrespective of sector, size, and location. The principles and methodology apply also to artisans, farmers, winemakers and other small size businesses.

Is the Framework internationally recognized?2020-12-09T21:28:09+01:00

Yes, because the GIF Framework strictly refers to internationally recognized guidance (i.e. UN, OECD, ILO) and Standards (ISO 26000, ISO 17033).

Is the GIF Framework publicly available?2020-12-09T21:29:36+01:00

Yes,  clic here to download the GIF Framework.

What is the meaning of the overall score?2020-12-09T21:57:58+01:00

The overall score is a representation of the exposure level to risks of present and future adverse impacts in a scale from 0 to 100.

How is the scoring calculated?2020-12-09T22:21:18+01:00

There are 3 levels of scoring, from particular (Area and Aspect) to general (Overall score).

Each and every applicable element of the Area is evaluated with a risk based oriented approach.

The probability and consequence of risks are accurately evaluated by the Assessment Team.

Can I calculate the scoring for my organization by myself?2020-12-09T22:25:04+01:00

No. The-self assessment provided by the Scheme Owner helps familiarize with the Scheme and to supports the identification of improvement areas. The calculation of the score needs a professional with specific skills in risk evalution such as a GIF AP.


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