Responsible consumption is becoming the main driver in the new consumers’ generations. Well-being, sustainability and social responsibility are more and more a concern for the consumers all. In addition, an increasing number of consumers prefer products and brands paying attention to social and environmental issues and require traceability and transparent origin.

Above all, several studies are showing that product sustainability and brand responsibility information have a positive impact on consumer behaviour and purchasing decisions.

Further, the 12th UN Sustainable Development Goal addresses the need for Responsible Consumption. However,  the malpractice of greenwashing and the imprecise, unclear, incomparable, unsubstantiated, or irrelevant volume of information often confuse consumers and their choices.

Certainly, the proliferation of diverging, unchecked or insufficiently defined ethical claims are negatively affecting the reputation of claims and labels. In short, they are leading to a general mistrust and confusion at all levels.

Responsible consumption

Therefore, the GIF ESG Rating scheme adheres to ISO 17033, that defines the principles and requirements for developing and declaring ethical claims.

Why a Responsible Consumer should look for GIF Ethical label:

  • Reliability:  a third party body grants the GIF Ethical Label upon completion of a robust and accurate Due Diligence process
  • Clarity: “GIF Ethical Label” allows consumers to easily understand that the scope is focused on the ethical characteristic of the organizations.
  • Transparency: GIF Framework (principles, criteria and metrics) and Due Diligence process are publicly available.
  • Accessibility: information are accessible at the time and location the consumer needs it. A QR Code on the product allows customers to verify the authenticity of the claim.
  • Comprehensiveness: The GIF Ethical Label” provides information regarding all ESG risks and social responsibility aspects.
  • Comparability: consumers can easily compare organizations and their social responsibility risk level.
  • Traceability: “GIF Ethical Label” supports the product’s authenticity and the origin declaration

In conclusion, search for the “GIF Responsible Organization” mark and the “GIF Ethical Label” at the point of sale to:

  • choose products/services realized by organizations that respect human rights, safety, environment and fair business practices
  • support the behaviour changes adhering to Stay Woke Community
  • be engaged and interact with brands and other customer to support the cultural change
  • collaborate in the multi-stakeholder consultations that are part of the GIF ESG Rating scheme.